What Is Getting In The Way Of Your Passion?


A strong and barely controllable emotion.

Wow this blew my mind. So If passion is strong meaning when I say I am passionate about something there is an inner strength connected to the emotion right!?

Ok so why is it that the percentage of people that really do what they are passionate about is really minimal. I’m not just talking your God given gift (although that is what we will dive into today). I mean all the things that you are drawn towards, could be praying for people, giving, taking walks, eating tasty food, baking and a whole lot more.

Really living a life that you look forward to waking up to daily. So this is my story. You could ask me what I am passaionate about or what I would love to spend the rest of my life doing if I had no limits. Could I answer, at some point no , I had so much confusion when it came to my true passion. Then bam it stood out, I loved to write. So did I write, sometimes…

Mmmmm sometimes does not sound like something a person is passionate about right. Well according to some of the quotes I have heard “If you are really passionate about something you will do it with all your heart”.

So riding on this quote, lets delve a little deeper on the word “really”. One definition for the word really is “very; thoroughly.” This means that is I thoroughly enjoy writing they will be a barely controllable emotion that will drive me to always, consistently write. So inconsistency with a lot of writers in particular, is a very common thing. In fact in consistency and the lack of self disciple is something that a lot of us humans may have to intentionally teach ourselves at a certain point in life.

I realised there is a certain process that affects how much we chase after the things our passions, the things we loves, our dreams whatever this looks like for you. Whoever told you it is easy to follow your passion or do your passion did not tell you the whole story.

I studied the people that were driven and self-motivated to go after they loved doing and realized certain traits.

The first thing is influence. A lot of time we are influenced by our environment. The people we live with or grew up with influence us in big ways. Sometimes we allow them the influence us to the extent of letting go of our passions because of the examples they are to us or the way that we care about them and fear disappointing them. In other cases we are influences by the results we see around us. We could have seen someone pursue their passion and not realise success. This can lead us to always want to play it safe and not fall into the same “trap”.

The second thing I have noticed is what we hear. You could have heard and chosen statements about going after our passion that make us hesitant. How passion won’t pay, (and of course money is a big influence on its own). How passion takes a lot of hard work and consistency (and yeah it is easier to binge watch tv and sit on social media all day right!?)

I’m happy to say I made a decision to pursue what I love the most and have learnt how to navigate all the limiting beliefs that were brought on by what I had seen or heard in my life. At the end of the day it is up to you to make up your mind about how you want to live your life today. Yes it’s true… You only have one life to live. Let’s live it passionately shall we!!!

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