Writing & Wellness


Wellness is something we all desire. Some of us dream it, and some of us work on it then the very few make it their lifestyle. 

As a teenage girl, I went through depression and around 16 went through a series of hemroids. This is certainly an experience I will never forget as I spent a lot of my days lying on the side in my bed, in pain and unable to walk 

Facing The Truth


James 1:23-25
For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror; for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was. But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does.

As a woman there are so many things to get done during the day. The more hats you wear the more you need try hard to find ways to balance your day. This has been me for months (well even a year plus if I’m being brutally honest).

The focus has been about getting things done or rather getting as much done today as possible and somehow reaching some of my personal goals, which are hardly ever reached. This then starts an internal war of feeling under achieved, like you have failed, the list goes on.

This one evening I was putting my almost 2 year old daughter to sleep and it really dawned on me. I was not at peace internally at all. In that moment as the truth about how I really feel hit me hard on the face I literally cried out to God (tears running down my face, the works), and just told Him how I felt. Oh boy, I had no idea so much negativity was lying deep within this ‘got it all together’/proverbs 31 everyday goals woman. I was not happy about anything, found very little to be grateful for an was just an absolute mess.

The truth is that I had forgotten who I was in the heavenly Father’s eyes. I forgot that He loves me, I forgot that He is always there to help me and I do not have to go through life alone. I just forgot all things that are pure and lovely. My meditation was focused on how ‘unloved’ I felt and under appreciated I am. Oh my, even as I type that a flood of emotions just rushed through me. Yup definitely a lot more I need to offload but hey one day at a time from hence forth.

As the meditation scripture for today states how when we are just hearers of the word and not doers we are like a man that looks in the mirror and immediately forgets the kind of person they were. I am a child of the most High God and there is a way He desires me to live my life. One of them is that I should cast my cares upon Him and take up His burden that is easy and His yoke that is light. I should remember to pray about everything so that His peace that surpasses all understanding will guard my mind and heart. It does not help to keep things inside while trying to look like I have it altogether on the outside, complain when its at boiling point to anyone that will listen and not remember to go to the person that can actually hear my hearts cry.

Isaiah 66:2 For all those things My hand has made,
And all those things exist,”
Says the Lord.
But on this one will I look:
On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit,
And who trembles at My word

This shows that the Lord desires us to always come humbly before His throne each day and tremble and His word. To show that we tremble at His word it comes back to taking action concerning scriptures. It’s all about inner beauty this month and today my encouragement is that we really look to the Father to help us overcome the things that keep us out of His peace. As we look more towards Jesus who is the Author and perfect of our Faith He will direct us and lead us to that place were we are less self-centered and seeking to do His will and His will alone


Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day that you have made, I rejoice and desire to remain grateful for all that you have done and continue to do. Thank you for moments were we can pause and really see the state of our hearts, having said this I pray that you create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I pray for your peace that surpasses all my negative thoughts and the very little understanding I have to guard my heart and mind in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

The Inner Beauty Spa


Going to the spa and doing some home self-care is definitely one of my ultimate treats. I love the spa industry so much when I graduated from high school I went to beauty school to learn how to give other girls the same pleasure.

Beauty is always a huge topic, whether we are speaking about it or not. We find beauty in so many different places and things. One thing that has been established a lot of the time inner beauty is more valuable the outside beauty. The question however is how often to we as individuals develop our inner beauty and what does this really entail.

I stuggled with a lot of self-esteem issues as a teenage girl and really believed that I could not achieve as much as the girls that were prettier than me could achieve. In the next weeks I want us to journey together through this top.

Your inner beauty is the real you.Only you can make the effort necessary to make it better!!!